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Interpreter is a dangerous occupation sometimes.
Hello! I'm an interpreter of the English language and I work in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Sometimes I have to translate highly sensitive talks the contents of which cannot be disclosed due to professional code of ethics. However the thing I translated last time steps over the bounds of legality. It was a criminal offence and I don’t wanna be targeted as a partner in crime in the investigation conducted by the international police, which will surely happen one day.
You know, I’ve already sent letters to some European newspapers, but I’ve decided to post the info here just in case.
Here’s the whole situation. A few days ago I had to translate Maksim Bakiyev, son of the Kyrgyz President. He held talks with a representative of the Canadian gold-mining Kumtor Gold Company. I’ll not repeat everything verbatim, I’ll simply set forth the gist. Well, Bakiyev demanded that Kumtor Company transfer a third of its profit annually to his account and that his man be included in the board of directors. Otherwise he will take advantage of his father’s position to revoke the company’s license. He also said that all possible complaints to international institutions would never get by, because his father’s patrons were Americans who had promised to lend a helping hand if such cases occurred.
You see, I’ve never found myself in such complex situation before, but I’m sure I did right to have reported everything to Europeans. Because I really think only you have the power to resolve the situation correctly not being afraid of Americans!
Interpreting is always a difficult job requiring deep knowledge of two languages but also familiarity with the culture, slang, and of course religion. University training is useful but sometimes academic study is not nearly enough preparation to interpret. Being an interpreter is a dangerous job. In Italy, an interpreter quit his job because of threats from terrorists.
Interpreter is a very delicate job. You should be fluent enough and know some local, slang and other termination of words. Most especially if it is regarding on audit, laws or any terminology. I experienced it before when they asked me to translate a legal lawsuit from english to italian. It's so difficult that even a local italian doesn't know their law terminology. What I did I recommend them to italian embassy translator.
Interpreter is a challenging job. However, I agree with you that it is a dangerous job/occupation.
let's say for an example, you are a sign language interpreter especially in the court....if you failed to interpret the signs, then I don't know the consequences.

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