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Job in Sofia Bulgaria?
My wife has recently been offered a job in Sofia, Bulgaria, anyone ever been? Whats it like?
I was born in bulgaria....

bulgaria has great people! very friendly, very little population, sofia is actually one of the nicest cities in BG and also there is a lot to do and its the capital of BG as well. i think she will love it, especially how cheap everything is if you use US dollars! its not hectic and crazy like the cities in the US people are calm friendly a lot of nice things to see and places to go, and great fresh air!

tell her good luck if she goes!
Sofia is the biggest and probably nicest city in Bulgaria. The airport is open all year round, which is not usual in Bulgaria. There are many interesting buildings, markets and museums. It is well laid out and has many open park spaces. Your currency will go a long way here, but be prepared to see the other side of a country trying to pull out of a poor economy. In rural areas 90% unemployment is not uncommon, and many live in grinding poverty, but without doubt the people are the most friendly and welcoming I have ever met. With recent membership of the EU, hopes are high for an improved economy, which has never really properly recovered from soviet mismanagement.
Take a look at the website There are lots of photos of Sofia there.
I saved for years to buy a modest holiday retreat in Bulgaria, and go there at every opportunity.
I really like your website and specially this post and that's the reason I am commenting here MangaFox

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