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european union?
How has the European Union affected the countries of Europe in recent years? For those who have not joined the European Union, why might they decide not to join and what is the impact of remaining seperate?

Explain the political development since the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989. Explain how political development has occured, what types of government are present, and what the current political situation is as result.

please and thanksSmile))
okay, so what the european union does is it somehow establishes this control over european countres (with exeptions) and a few non-european ones (french guiana if i'm ot mistaken)... through being part of the european union, one gets economic advantages when it comes to trade of product etc...

a country also benefits from establishing good relations with other countries etc...

thing about those who do not wish to join may be because they do not want to take part in this system... getting in the EU groups entails responsibilities to help your co-EU countries etc... maybe those countries who do not wish to join thinks that they are better of alone etc,...

another factor is, EU sometimes rejects membership of a country due to very poor conditions... in such a way that it is very dificult and risky to invest in that country

anyway, all in all EU promotes comraderie and mutual development among its member countries..


as for the political stuff, it's your turn to research Smile

great day! Smile
The European Union was created so one organization (Europe) can eventually have total control of every European country. The Euro currency is one example.

The European superpowers Germany, Britain & France will set standards at levels in which countries like Portugal, Greece, Iceland, Spain, Italy & many others won't be able to reach for a long time.

The Germans want Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Ukraine, Romania etc to be like them & if you don't be up to their standards you will be criticized.

What kind of a Union is that?

Currently Germany is blaming Greece whom have paid so much to be at this EU level standard of living which also includes the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. The reaction by Greece is a hatred towards Germany. This is not going to work in my opinion.

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