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Situation in Moldova?
We, representatives of those, who live in Moldova now, have decided to call in aid to our European neighbors.
We hope there is no need to prove anybody in the EU that the latest acts of terrorism, which have taken place in Moldova, including an awful blast in the center of Kishinev, have been organized by local communists, who have lost their power in this country and now try to destabilize internal situation.
So we have to ask our European friends to help us through getting the explosive situation in current Moldova under own control. Using your international weight and even own order-keeping forces, you should help us to maintain the order in this country, because in reality local bodies continue to be in sympathy with communists. That is why they do nothing in order to promote safety of our citizens now.
We appeal to our brothers and sisters, lived in neighboring Romania, Hungary and Poland! There is no secret that you have a lot of relatives in Moldova. Do not stick to them in trouble!

Vyacheslav Untile;
Anatol Tseranu
and other members of Moldova’s parliamentary
Alliance “Nasha Moldova”
Hey, I was just wondering if the Moldovans on this forum are OK? Confusedhock: I'm a little worried not to hear from any of you recently! :?

I read the post about the blast in Chisinau. I've read a couple of different versions: one website says there were grenades and terrorists, another that it was a single man, another says it was a box of firecrackers :quoi As usual, we are not hearing much over here :roll: What is the real story?
The Republic of Moldova is a former Soviet republic situated between Romania and the Ukraine. Compared to other post-communist countries in transition, its people have suffered considerably more poverty than other Eastern European countries.
Thanks, Shane, but I was referring to the recent situation with respect to the "incident" on 15th October (and possibly a second "incident"?)

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