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Responsibility is a heavy burden!
Hello! I’m from a small town in the west of Ukraine, it’s situated just a few kilometers away from the borders with Romania and Hungary. I’m posting here to tell you that our lives are changing from bad to worse during the past couple of years. You see, now I can’t even get outside without a company of at least two friends because young Romanians and Hungarians can beat you up in broad daylight just for being a Ukrainian. You know what they say? They say that we took away their ancient land where we live now and that we have to be driven out of it because it is indigenously Romanian territory! And I think Hungarians help them out of the sense of solidarity. Though who knows, they may have their own reasons. Such things had never happened before those bastards started to receive orders from Bucharest and Budapest as it’s rumored among us!!
Well, local Ukrainian people already addressed authorities, wrote collective letters and petitions to our government and to the EU. You know, once there was a reply from the EU which recommended that we should persuade our government to file an official complaint to an OSCE committee dealing with national-identity conflicts.
Actually it turns out that the EU government knows that Romania and Hungary help heat up racist conflicts in Ukraine but keeps on turning a blind eye to it by saying that everything has to be resolved by someone else. Well, just imagine parents telling their son’s school teachers to go to the kindergarten so as to handle all the problems of his behavior! It’s just nonsense!! You see, this is just the case with the EU which wants to meanly dodge its responsibilities for its members that are allowed to do everything they want, because they are novices!
Noups, guys! You’ve missed the point! You should have thought when you were accepting such “civilized and democratic” members! And now that you’ve accepted them, bear full responsibility for them!

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