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The working principle of electric heating furnace
Electric heating heat transfer oil furnace is a new type, safe, high efficiency and energy saving, low pressure (under normal pressure or lower pressure) and can provide high temperature heat energy special industrial furnace Transfer heat to heat-using equipment. The electric heating heat transfer oil system is composed of explosion-proof electric heater, organic heat carrier furnace, heat exchanger (if any), on-site explosion-proof operation box, hot oil pump, expansion tank, etc. The inlet and outlet pipes and some electrical interfaces can be used.Silicon carbide mirror reaction sintering For the electric heating oil furnace, the heat is generated and transmitted by the electric heating element immersed in the heat-conducting oil. The heat-conducting oil is used as the medium, and the circulating pump is used to force the heat-conducting oil to circulate in the liquid phase. After the equipment is unloaded by the heating equipment, it passes through the circulating pump again, returns to the heater, absorbs heat, and transfers it to the heating equipment. In this way, the continuous transfer of heat is realized, the temperature of the heated object is increased, and the heating process is achieved. Require.Vacuum Brazing of Mechanical Blades With complete operation control and safety monitoring device, it can implement automatic control. It can obtain higher working temperature under lower operating pressure. High thermal efficiency, up to more than 95%, and temperature control accuracy up to ±1℃. The equipment is small in size and flexible in installation. It should be installed near the heat-using equipment.Vacuum heat treatment process of tool steel

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