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Failure Analysis of Industrial Furnace
Each reversing valve is equipped with a pneumatic triple, which should be regularly refueled, slag cleaned, and drained. When refueling, first close the front hand valve of the pneumatic triple piece, and then remove the oil cup to add oil. The oil volume of the oil cup should not exceed the full scale. The oil is the atomized oil specified by the pneumatic triplet, and can also be replaced by 32# turbine hydraulic oil. Vacuum Heat Treatment of LD Steel Hexagonal Cold Heading DieThe atomization speed of the oil should be adjusted to 3 to 5 days to atomize a cup of oil. When refueling, if necessary, slag removal and drainage can be carried out together. If the pneumatic triplet does not atomize oil, the triplet should be repaired or replaced in time.Gear Process Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace When the reversing system fails and alarms, find out the fault point according to the alarm indicator displayed on the control cabinet, and carry out timely treatment after on-site inspection and confirmation to restore the normal operation of the reversing valve. If the air pipe bursts or falls off, close the compressed air supply valve of the reversing valve and replace the corresponding air pipe immediately. Aerospace material vacuum heat treatment furnaceIf the limit switch is loose and cannot contact the circular iron sheet on the valve stem, the rotation angle of the limit switch can be adjusted immediately to ensure the normal contact between the reversing valve plate and the limit switch contact wheel when it is at the front and rear limit positions. If it does not belong to the above 1), 2) cause the alarm, check whether the solenoid valve operates normally, and replace the solenoid valve if necessary. If it does not belong to the above 1), 2), 3) fault alarm, check whether the cylinder is leaking, and whether the wiring of the limit switch and the solenoid valve is normal.

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