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How Do I Connect Canon ts3122 printer to WiFi?
Since the Canon Printer is one of the best in offering the most user-friendly features, yet, in several instances, users have been confusing over- how to connect Canon ts3122 printer to WiFi network. If you are looking for the perfect solution to connect your device to a WiFi network, then you must follow the detailed steps:
ü Power on the printer and ensure that the PC is connected to a similar wireless network.
ü Next, Keep the WiFi button on the printer's panel, and after some time, you will see that the button begins to flash.
ü Press the WPS button and ensure that the WiFi stops flashing.
ü Now, Use the traditional link technique to execute the steps below to attach the printer to a network.
ü Insert within the desktop the setup CD and operate the files.
ü Follow the prompts on the installer and choose the type of wireless affiliation.
Hope so! You can easily connect the Canon ts3122 printer to WiFi, and if you require any help, get in touch with us. 

Before starting, make sure that your wireless network and printer are turned on. If both of them show green lights when the device is turned on.Check if the light is blinking. Then tap on the “Stop” button to stop the light from blinking.Then the user is required to press and hold the direct button until its “Settings” option is displayed in front of you.And by tapping the “Direct” button the printer directly enters into the wireless connect mode where the icons will be displayed on the printer screen.Now, the user is required to insert the CD that has received along with the printer to guide the installation of the software.The user can even choose to download the installation files from the official website of Canon printers which is ts3122 setup.After downloading the software, the user will be clicking on the “Setup” option and enter the name of your product and move further.As you are using it for the first time on your computer then select the name of the device which is windows PC.Then click the “Connect the Printer to Windows PC” option.A new window gets displayed in front of the user and he is required to tap on “Download”.It might take a few minutes for the software to be downloaded. Then click the “Run” option after the download is complete.Search and open the downloaded file from the computer to get started.Click the “Start Setup” option and wait for few minutes for the setup to do perform its task.After completion, tap enter the Country or Region of your residence and tap “Next”.Now, the software will display the terms and conditions. Read the terms and conditions and tap the “Agree” option.Keep on tapping the “Agree” option until the terms and conditions show up. Then the window of wireless software will be displayed, click “Yes” to continue to connect with a wireless connection.A new screen gets displayed in front of you from where you need to select the wifi network.Enter the password and then tap “Next”.Now more setup windows will start running to complete the setup. This may take several minutes.When the connection is completed successfully, the driver may check for the problem and then successfully installed it.

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