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Why Is My Canon Printer Won't Print?
Canon printers can work for several years and are able to print thousands of documents but at times they are able to stop operating or malfunction completely. Sometimes one may face the “Canon Printer Won't Print” problem because of almost zero mistakes which include underuse of the printer. The printer looks great whilst they are in a purposeful country however they appear worse when they are not running.

If the print jobs are stuck in print queue then it needs to be cleared by going to the printer settings and then by opening the printer queue. Now from here clear the faulty print jobs which are tampering the printing experience. Apart from this you also need to take care of the following errors-

You need to clear the paper jam error by opening the printer cover and loosening the cartridge header. Now remove the paper that is stuck and reinstall the cartridge and reset or recalibrate the printer.
Ensure that the installed drivers are not faulty in nature. In case of faulty driver you need to update, download and reinstall the correct printer driver which works effectively with your printer.

The canon printer often does not print due to faulty power connection as it creates issues while printing.
canon printer faulty power connection

The mobile printing app does not sync with the printer well. Hence you need to ensure that the app auto selects your printer and scans the documents and then prints the same. 
Canon printer drivers need to be updated from time to time for the printer to function in a good way. It is very important that printer drivers are updated from time to time so that the printer can print effectively.
update canon driver

The printer has the paper rim that has been loaded in the printer. This paper rim should be loaded efficiently and effectively so that the paper is pulled in by the printer while printing. 
In a workspace scenario connecting too many laptop and desktop to the same network can cause network to be jammed which may result in a faulty printing scenario.
network jam due laptop and desktop connect same network

In some case you may have to manually select a printer from the range as the network installed in your laptop may not be able to detect the printer available in range. This error occurs due to issue related to connectivity .
Printer does not print if it is not selected as default printer. So ensure that you select your Canon printer as default .
select canon printer as default printer

Windows Mac and iPad ask for constant updates in software as these updates assist you to print the documents, photos and media files smoothly. The other issue that can arise is when the passphrase which is the network key is not configured properly. In this scenario the printer will not connect properly to the system.
The printer head gets dirty frequently and it needs cleaning. Similarly cartridge also needs proper cleaning as failing to do so can prevent you from printing properly. However it is vital to note that in case of a laser printer you need to evenly distribute the cartridge and the toner to print properly.

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