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How important are sports on a college resume?
How important are extracurricular activities and playing sports to getting into college? I was told that if you don't play a sport in high school, then you don't have much of a chance to getting into college.

You were told falsly. EXTRA CIRRICULARS are important on a college resume, sports are only one type of an extra cirricular. Without extra cirriculars, unless you are the smartest kid in your class of X in the United states...your application is much weaker. Admission deans LOVE kids who are involved outside of school.

Sports, volunteering, plays, boyscouts, school newspaper, clubs....only a few examples of extra cirriculars. You don't need to play sports as I said before, those are only one kind of extra cirriculars.

If you don't play a sport, make sure that you attend clubs, lots of them.
I am pretty sure that if you dont do a sport that you can still get into college because thats not only what they are looking at. They are also looking at your classes you took and at what level (for example did you challenge yourself) and then there is the community service, the leaderships skill, you personalitity, your grades, ect., ect. Also, the chance of someone getting a sport scholorship in under 10%. Anyways, the anwser to your questionis no just make sure that you do have extra-cirricular activies. Start attending clubs at your school, or even sign up for a sport

You don't have to play sports. I never even attended a sports game and I got into quite a few colleges. But playing sports can definitely help you get into college, especially if your grades are a bit low.

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