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What's the difference between sports marketing and sports management?
What's the difference between the sports marketing and sports management course in college?


I've never taken the course, but I do have a marketing background. Marketing involves communicating with consumers. In the case of sports marketing it involves get consumer to buy more sports tickets, jerseys, anything that has a logo or "brand" on it.

Sports management would involve contracts, dealing with talent, managing workers ie. sports talent etc.

At the college administrative level, for example, the sports management graduate would be the one who worked toward a job as the college's athletic director. A sports marketing graduate might get a job as the college's sports information director, and would write press releases, news articles, etc. quoting the college's athletic director. It's primarily a matter of managing people versus managing information. And yes, while you can head down the PR/media relations/information director road, most jobs have a sales aspect to them when you have a marketing degree, so consider whether that's right for you.

Good luck!
Hayli Morrison
Mktng. Comm. Specialist
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