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What are you sports fanatics doing tonight and tomorrow to fulfill your sports fix?
Today and tomorrow, there are a total of ZERO games played in the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball!!!

Tonight, I'm going to 24 Hour Fitness to play some basketball. Tomorrow, I have to work through the late evening, so I won't have time to watch sports anymore. How about you?

Playing NCAA Football 09' on my Xbox 360

I only watch football [baseball is incredibly fun as long as you are actually AT the game]. Sooo, I am used to having nothing to watch Tue.-Sat.

I just go read the sports pages on MSN/Yahoo.

I'm hoping the Avalanche or Wild are playing (NHL).

your right there is nothing on! tonite is an ideal date night with my girlfriend then, no distractions, but tomorrow ima be watching the boise state game.

Tonight College Football.
Tommorow College Football, and U.S. Soccer.

The documentary about the Colts leaving Baltimore in 84 is pretty interesting right now.

Well I have 2 go 2 work early so tonite I am just going 2 watch the First 48 and call it a night. Tommorrow its Bible Study and then Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns.

i'm doing the same thing MLB players are doing...... experimenting with facial hair

Work on some trades for my fantasy football teams.

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