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Will World of Warcraft work good with wireless internet?
I am making a custom gaming desktop and wondering will wireless internet work well with World of Warcraft and Counter Strike:Source or will I need to run a wire. I have a Linksys router.
yes it will but im just guesing so dont take my word for it(dont no to many people that do....)
In any situation, wired is, and always will be the most reliable. If you don't want drops in your connection, i'd stick with a cable. If your insisting on using wireless, situate the wireless router as close to your desktop as you possibly could.
Hope i've been of help.
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You should get an answer, they have a good tech staff but i think you are better off with a direct connection or unless you have wireless N but other than that... a game that is solely based online, you should good with the best you can get for a better experience
If ylou have the option, run the wire. Your connection will be significantly more reliable. Packet loss will be your doom on wireless which will cause significant lag. Something you dont need in a game that has its share of it anyway.
It always worked just fine for me when I played. No lag any more than anyone else in the game. And I had a linksys router.
Currently playing Warcraft using wifi and the quality is pretty good. happy wheels latest.

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