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When do all the different sports seasons start?
I'm making my boyfriend a cute sports calender and I want to know when each sports season starts? Such as what month? or around what month? For all you big time sports fans. help me out.


Those are the basics... any other sports that fit in between those sports.


baseball starts around april or may football is in september or late august the rest i dont no cuz i dont wathc them

swimming,toga, possibly dance

Regular exercise improves the health of people who have cystic fibrosis. Exercise helps loosen mucus, encourages coughing, improves oxygen flow, and makes you feel better. Upper body exercises, such as swimming or rowing, increase the strength and endurance of the muscles that are used for breathing.

After talking to your doctor about how much exercise is good for your child, encourage your child to participate in sports and recreational activities. Team sports are great ways for your child to stay fit and to interact with other children. Talk to the coach or supervisor about your child's abilities and the important role of physical activity in the treatment of cystic fibrosis.

Some people who have cystic fibrosis may not be strong enough to participate in certain activities. Your doctor can recommend the right amount and type of exercise for you. Or, you may work with a physical therapist to develop your own exercise routine.

Anything and everything. For a 3y/o, walking, running, bouncing on one of those baby swings (if she still fits, and most CF kids are small/light for their age). Hopscotch. A trampoline (but get a little exercise one or an outdoor one with sides). Swimming. Tumbling/gymnastics (they got these places out near me for even little ones like yours). Jumping Jacks. Horseback riding (obviously on your saddle, not on her own that young).

You don't say if she's got asthma or how bad. Lots of CF got that too. So you might have to be careful about her getting winded and bring a portable neb and albuterol with you (they got these new portable ones that run on batteries and can work with a mask, i think by Omron, ask your pulmonologist). But any physical activity at all will increase lung function, whether your sick or healthy. Just be careful about pushing limits, back off if she starts wheezing or gets out-of-breath, and keep the meds handy in case of an asthma attack.

Also, and I know you know this, but keep diligent with the CPT. Get a vest if you can -- it was literally a life saver for my kid, because both my wife and I got severe tendonitis by the time our girl was 4 and just couldn't give a good clapping without severe agony. I can't imagine what things would be like 14 years later without the vest. Our girl is still very healthy with excellent PFT and only 3 hospital tune-ups after 14 years using the vest almost exclusively (one was for weight). Even the last two hospital tune-ups they told me to bring the vest with us because it makes for better treatments than the therapist can give. <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> -- just a very satisfied customer.

Swimming is great for any respiritory condition.

"its good for her to have to work her lungs"
Short sprints, maybe 10-15 metre sprints, then a blow, huff, cough.

I suspect that if you went by the number of participants for all ages, it would probably be basketball. Softball (like baseball except with a larger ball and underhand pitching) would probably be second. Soccer is popular amongst kids, but is not (yet) played much by adults.

And you don't need to be six feet plus to play basketball -- that's only for professionals, and not even all of them (specifically the guards) are that tall. I played basketball in high school and college (house league) -- all 5'11'' of me. And I played forward.

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