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green energy?
hi all can anyone tell me where i can find detailed articles on green energy and their advantages and disadvantages?
This is for businesses wanting to save money with green energy:

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I've done a lot of research into green energy, and there isn't an article with a side-by-side comparison of every form of green energy, so you'll have to be more specific on which form of green energy you're looking for.

If you want one single place to cover all of them, you would be better served by reading a book.

If you want to look at articles, though, look at specific kinds of green energy. To narrow it down, from all of the articles and books I've read, solar power is looking like the best investment. However, there's still more research that needs to be done so that it can produce more electricity. Look at solar power rooftop installations especially. Ethanol is doing pretty good lately, too, but the debate is on what to use - cellulosic (corn) or sugar ethanol. Hydrogen fuel cells, geothermal energy, and wind power are other types you can look up too.
This is a great article to start with (see sources below). The main types and some of their pros and cons are:
* Biofuels - Not well developed yet. limited capacity (about 40% of current oil consumption in the US) clean burning, zero net CO2 production, good for transportation applications, will work with existing liquid fuel infrastructure, may displace food production and wildlife, continuous output.
* Biomass - Not well developed yet, simple, good for electric power production, limited capacity, may displace food production and wildlife, continuous output.
* Hydro power - Well developed and widely used, a major contributor to electrical power, suited to electrical production only, inexpensive, not much more potential, causes harm to fish and river ecosystems, continuous output.
* Geothermal power, well developed but little used. limited availability, very high generation potential perhaps as much as 100% of US electrical production, only suited to electrical production and very limited space heating, inexpensive, continuous output.
* Solar power, largest potential source of power, widely distributed, very scalable both large and small are economic, expensive, growing very rapidly, very low environmental impact, reliable and long lasting, well suited to distributed power generation, very well suited to both space heating (passive solar heating) and electrical generation (photovoltaic), an intermittent source.
* Tidal power, well understood, very limited availability, limited generation potential, inexpensive, negative environmental impact on local marine life, electrical generation only, semi-continuous output.
* Wave power, under development, limited availability, potentially a large source of electrical power. intermittent.
* Wind power, One of the lower cost renewable sources, moderately widely available, intermittent source, suitable for electrical generation, minor impact on birds, very high generation potential - entire US electrical requirement.
Almost all energy comes from the oxidation of Corbin . This produces CO2 is that green .

If you really want to know all about the green energy, i would like you to refer the the website of <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->. Here you can read all about the green energy and the other power plant management services etc.

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