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well... im 14 years old going into high school and i never been in sports b4 and my dad keeps pushing me to join in sports how can i get ready to join sports what should i do to get in shape? and tips plz...

the best thing you can do is run, stretch, and plan. figure out what types of sports YOU want to play. if your father is pushing you to hard, tell him, because he will understand, because he loves you. now, if you are going to do a hard core sport, you need to get in great shape. dont eat any sweets. if you feel you are in to bad of shape to beat the dead-line of school starting again, ask your dad for help. •also, practice practice practice! frustration will keep you going. so have fun with it, because your only a high school student for 4 years! Smile

You should totally do track. I had to go through the same thing, because my doctor said so and I don't know how to thank her. All sports make you try out and they break you heart if you don't make it. Track is different. You don't have to try out and you make so many friends. You get into shape and you never feel left out. Everybody on your team goes through the same experience, whether its being tired from practices or joy from winning, it's all fun. The first week might be tough and you might one to quit, but it all gets easier. After the first two weeks of practices, you'll want to go track more than ever. And it's not all running, there's jumping and throwing to. I would recommend throwing because it's easier, funner, and you feel like family with the other throwers. Well good luck choosing!

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