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what are your favorite sports? do you excersise? how many times a week?
i love sports!!!!!!!!! i especially love soccer, track and snowboarding, do you know any sports that aren't common?

i'm answering a question on my other e-mail address. lol. um, i love billie joe armstrong!!!!!

I like playing soccer, i play every Saturday and Sunday

Favourite sport is Netball
but also enjoy playing soccer, hockey, volleyball,tennis ultimate frisbe...
I play netball twice a week, and umpire 3 times a week!
i count sport as exercise, so about 5 times a week!

I'm a huge fan of hockey and baseball. I play softball, curling and golf and street hockey.

I exercise every 2 days and do cardio every day usually.

However, you should work out 5 days a week, working out the same way, every week with the same routine. Allow yourself two days for splurging, but otherwise, work out and eat healthy all 5 other days.

My favorite sport is definitely soccer (football)!
Unfortunately I don't play soccer since I had knee problems but I row and I swin a lot. Rowing 4 days a week during summer (in Canada) and swimming from 1 to 5 times a week (more during the winter).

I wish I knew why I'm so addicted to footie... Anyway it's the best sport in the world!

badmitton is very interesting and not alot of people play it

i play soccer all the time ..i play 4 my school,but an uncommon sport would be speedball its a gme with a mix of soccer football and basketball.

Soccer of course, but I also like baseball and rugby.

soccer off-course. I am 56 and playing since 4. There's nothing better. Just think. God gave you feet to walk and hands to do things with. The soccer players manage to do things in a magical way that others can't do with the hands...

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