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How would I go about becoming a biology professor in a specific branch?
I know the steps in becoming a professor but for the specific branch of biology would I need to obtain an undergraduate in biology and then get a graduate degree in the specific branch of biology?
For example, if I wanted to teach gerontology would I get an undergrad in biology and grad in gerontology or would I do gerontology all the way?
I'm not particularly aware of gerontology as a "branch of biology" (my sister has a master's degree in gerontology and both a bachelor's and doctorate in psychology), but usually your doctorate would be in a broader field, with your dissertation focused on the specific research topic of your interest. There is an advantage to having your doctoral degree in a broader subject matter, because there are usually a limited number of positions available in a specific branch, but you may be able to get one in the broader field. For example, my doctorate is in marketing. My specific branch of marketing is consumer behavior, but that refers primarily to my research interests, not to what I am able to teach. While I have taught consumer behavior courses over the years, I have also taught courses in a broad range of other subject matters within marketing, which makes me more useful to employers.
In case of Indonesian academic atmosphere, anyone who want to pursue a professorship should be faithfully engaged to a university or similar tertiary educational institution. Focus on a certain scientific discipline or arts is advisable option in order to get the best rank for professorship. It does not matter of what kind of branch would be taken as long as in the main scientific discipline, e.q in mathematics, biology, performance arts, etc
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