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What is the most exciting sport and what is the most boring sport?
Out of major sports like NFL, College Football, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, etc. What is the most exciting sport and which sport do you find the most boring to watch?

NFL - most exciting

MLS - most boring

exciting sports - baseball & football
boring - golf & hockey

Baseball = worst

karate & track

hockey is most exciting i think soccer on tv is boring to watch

Personally GYMNASTICS (the best sport eva) but out of the ones given football for most exciting and baseball boring.

nfl football most exciting
baseball is boring to watch but its fun to play on a team and stuff i just dont like to watch it
soccer is just stupid and boring

Most Exciting- Watching TV
Most Boring- Typing this message to you

most exictingg : FIELD HOCKEY (: >33333

most boringg : maybee baseball ?

can you please answer my ?
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Boring: NHL hockey
Exciting: NBA basketball

i love baseball the most boring is a toss up between golf and hockey oh and well maybe tennis

Most exciting (in my opinion): football
Least exciting (in my opinion): NASCAR. I can only stand the last couple of laps.

every sport= boring as H3ll
soccer= kind of fun but boring then

Hockey or Golf-boring

curling- BORING!or golf

NASCAR is most exciting
Everything else is just a Game

Interesting baseball because it's hard to get home's even interesting when there are bases loaded with a home run....the boring sport to watch would be's only one player competing and when is someone going to be able to make it to the hole. it's boring...

The most exiting sport is basketball and the most boring is soccer.

Most exciting, Soccer.

Most boring, Golf. Car racing.

Skiing is very exciting, but it is not a major sport. For excitement, soccer.

I would say a tie between golf & baseball.

well ryan it depends where you live and what the climate is like in chanhassen it is probably hockey because of all the cold and snow and in like Myrtle Beach it is probably golf or baseball and it also depends on you and what you play and your interests...

of course soccer

A lot of people have different opinions on this question.
But I believe that the most boring sport to watch is golf because the players don't work with the crowds very well and there is not much excitement.
I believe that soccer can be the most interesting because it is so tense and the crowds are always having a good time cheering, etc.
But that is one of many different opinions, there is no right or wrong answer.

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