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Sportsmen, educated people or not.
When we see rocky men, we think that he can't do anything except sport. If you want to be a professional you have to concentrate on your aim and don't distract on anything else. Sportsmen concentrate on their body's skills. How do you think, are the sportsmen educated people or not.
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Many people work on their sport at University, where they can access good sports facilities. For example, I believe Steve Redgrave (the British Olympic rower) studied at Cambridge University (which is known for it's rowing teams). So, these athletes must be fairly educated Smile

Indeed, the Olympics used to be a Gentlemen's event, because a working man would not have the energy, time or money to train for it.

I think maybe they are not totally stupid, but they also are not the smartest one, because in its interest are first of all the sport. They do not need high education or university degree for example to swim or to play football. They are simple people who don't care nothing but their sport.

I think it doesn't matter are they sportsmen or do they have another specialty the matter is that the basic education skills they surely have. Whats the matter what kind of statute they have. There are sweepers that may have better educational kills than those who finished universities.

I do not see a big difference between the education of a sportsman and the one of a common person. Education does not depend on people's profession or hobby...there can be a person that studies at University and has a low level of education and other one that dedicates all his life to sport, and anyway has a good education. Wink

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