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Google Founders Buy Fighter Jet
I think this is very cool. Why would google need a fighting plane? To attack microsoft? Big Grin

From Universe Today :
Quote:A company owned by Google's founders has just bought a 1982 light attack Dornier Alpha Jet. H211 LLC owns several aircraft that are frequently used by Google Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and in an "unusual" agreement signed last year, H211 managed to get the rights to operate from an airstrip ten minutes away from Google HQ near the south end of San Francisco Bay, California. This isn't any ordinary airstrip, it is Moffett Field, owned by the NASA Ames Research Center…

Not just anyone can land their private jet at Moffett Field. Located right next to Silicon Valley, it has had a lot of interest from the hi-tech billionaires to get permission to fly in and out of there. But there's a problem, Moffett Field isn't an ordinary airstrip, it is owned by NASA. NASA is a government department and with that comes certain rules. Unless the aircraft has a direct relationship with the NASA research being carried out, or a military flight, you'll have to find somewhere else to land. So whether you're Bill Gates or Queen Elizabeth — unless you need to land in an emergency — you cannot use the airstrip, unless you're carrying out NASA business.

But, in an agreement that was described as a "win-win" situation for NASA, on July 31st, 2007 Ken Ambrose, Vice President of H211, signed a lease contract to park four aircraft at Moffett Field. These passenger aircraft included a Boeing 757, Boeing 767 and two Gulfstream Vs, regularly used by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to conduct business for H211 and Google.

hmmm... interesting. Maybe NASA intends to start a secret collaboration with Google. I mean this is exactly what NASA need - a professional Hi-tech and software developer. Their plains could be researched for being equipped with special google equipment that would help these planes track objects that were earlier impossible to track.
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This is something unusual... I'm sure that regardless of what they say, there is a hidden purpose for this. Maybe indeed you are right Helen, and this is a sign of collaboration between NASA and google. But maybe he just bought it for PR purposes. You see, we have heard about this news, and millions other have. So they increased their ranking.
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Maybe he bought the plane just because he wanted to prove everybody he can afford this. It's lie a caprice shown by rich people. Somebody uses to buy expensive paintings and others, why not, buy fighter jets.
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Their speed of development is as fast as the speed of a fighter jet Confuseduper
Interesting, who's gonna pilot that plane? An ordinary pilot can't deal with a fighter jet, while professional pilots for those jets are taught by US Airforce.

I rather see this as a great vehicle for making flights if they're permanent busy. It takes more time to fly by ordinary planes, while fighet jets fly fast enough and they can make several business trips during one day.

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