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Green energy
This topic is for gathering and discussing information about solar panels, wind generators and other green energy sources.
If you have any experience with such products please share your knowledge.

Here is an article about how "green turbines produce energy"

Quote:The rise in oil prices and a growing demand for energy from non-polluting sources has led to a global boom in construction of tall wind turbines that convert the power of moving air into electricity. The technology of these devices has improved dramatically in recent years, making wind energy more attractive. For example, Denmark is able to produce about 20 percent of its electric energy through wind turbines.

But important questions remain: Could large wind farms, whipping up the air with massive whirling blades, alter local weather conditions? Could changing the arrangement of these turbines lead to even more efficient power production? The researchers from Johns Hopkins and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute hope their work will help answer such questions.

“With diameters spanning up to 100 meters across, these wind turbines are the largest rotating machines ever built,” said research team leader Charles Meneveau, a turbulence expert in Johns Hopkins’ Whiting School of Engineering.

“There’s been a lot of research done on wind turbine blade aerodynamics, but few people have looked at the way these machines interact with the turbulent wind conditions around them. By studying the airflow around small, scale-model windmills in the lab, we can develop computer models that tell us more about what’s happening in the atmosphere at full-size wind farms.”

To collect data for such models, Meneveau’s team is conducting experiments in a campus wind tunnel. The tunnel uses a large fan to generate a stream of air moving at about 40 mph. Before it enters the testing area, the air passes through an “active grid,” a curtain of perforated plates that rotate randomly and create turbulence so that air currents in the tunnel more closely resemble real-life wind conditions. The air currents then pass through a series of small model airplane propellers mounted atop posts, mimicking an array of full-size wind turbines.

The researchers gather information on the interaction of the air currents and the model turbines by using a high-tech procedure called stereo particle-image-velocimetry. First, they “seed” the air in the tunnel with a form of smoke—tiny particles that move with the prevailing airflow. Above the model turbines, a laser generates two sheet-like pulses of light in quick succession. A camera captures the position of particles at the time of each flash. “When the images are processed, we see that there are two dots for every particle,” said Meneveau, who is the university’s Louis M. Sardella Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

“Because we know the time difference between the two laser shots, we can calculate the velocity. So we get an instantaneous snapshot of the velocity vector at each point. Having these vector maps allows us to calculate how much kinetic energy is flowing from one place to another, in much greater detail than what was possible before.”

Raul B. Cal, a Johns Hopkins postdoctoral fellow who is working on the project with Meneveau, said this data could lead to a better understanding of real wind farm conditions. “What happens when you put these wind turbines too close together or too far apart? What if you align them staggered or in parallel?” he asked. “All of these are different effects that we want to be able to comprehend and quantify, rather than just go out there and build these massive structures, implementing them and not knowing what’s going to happen.”

Meneveau pointed out that dense clusters of wind turbines also could affect nearby temperatures and humidity levels, and cumulatively, perhaps, alter local weather conditions. Highly accurate computer models will be needed to unravel the various effects involved. “Our research will provide the fluid dynamical data necessary to improve the accuracy of such computer models,” Meneveau said. “We’d better know what the effects are in order to implement wind turbine technology in the most sustainable and efficient fashion possible.”

Meneveau and Cal are collaborating with Luciano Castillo, associate professor in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Hyung S. Kang, an associate research scientist in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins.

The project’s funding was provided through the National Science Foundation’s Energy for Sustainability Program.

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If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is "God is crying." And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is "Probably because of something you did."

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Every skyscraper in cities should be equipped with equipment that would ensure energy for the entire building. It could be solar panels, or wind pilons. Holders of skyscrapers are not poor people, so spending money on these things should be compulsory.
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A solar hot water system was invented and it started to be used widely in Europe. It's located on the roof, and it catches radiation which, in turn, heats the water.
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If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is "God is crying." And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is "Probably because of something you did."

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Especially it will work in countries with high air temperature during the year. It could be Australia, Italy, US southern states (California), Mexico etc. A lot of money could be saved.

Has anybody thought about creating a device which would produce energy by using "artificial wind". What I mean by that is that during summertime, we can open two windows in different rooms in our house, thus, a draught will be created and it will spin the device and generate energy.
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Nuclear stations, WHAT?, it is a pure energy if it didn't blow Smile Where are you people? I am begin to interesting in things I had never interested in before :livre alone :-(
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Newrussian town Wrote:Nuclear stations, WHAT?, it is a pure energy if it didn't blow Smile Where are you people? I am begin to interesting in things I had never interested in before :livre alone :-(

Nuclear energy is clean indeed as long as it doesn't explodes. It is NOT absolutely clean as it does eliminate waste, but not in the quantities eliminated by traditional energy production.

A wind turbine is a rotating machine which converts the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical energy. If the mechanical energy is used directly by machinery, such as a pump or grinding stones, the machine is usually called a windmill. If the mechanical energy is then converted to electricity, the machine is called a wind generator, wind power unit (WPU), or wind energy converter (WEC).    




Benn Wrote:A solar hot water system was invented and it started to be used widely in Europe. It's located on the roof, and it catches radiation which, in turn, heats the water.
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I've heared about such system, the main thing is that it could heat your house in wintertime, there's always sun even if outside is -10, it catches sunrays and heats the water, almost like independent heating only gas is unnecessary.

Green energy is a term describing what is considered to be environmentally friendly, typically non-polluting, sources of power and energy, some sources may use it interchangeably with renewable energy .

I think that green energy is the most safe and wise method to use nature sources.To gain energy using the power of wind or water rather good idea. Our generation and our governmet should think seriously about alternative clean sources. But I know that the price of assimilation sun energy, water energy, energy of wind , energy of sea ebb is pretty high yet.

The two biggest energy-using sectors in our region are buildings, which account for about 37 percent of our energy needs, and transportation, which accounts for about 48 percent. In our energy plan for Santa Barbara County – A New Energy Direction – CEC focuses on solutions in which there are available, cost-effective technologies, and where we have the potential for local influence.

For example, in the building sector, our communities can set stringent local building codes and educate and inspire designers and builders. However, in the transportation sector, fuel efficiency standards are set in Washington, D.C. and cars are designed and built in Detroit, Berlin or
Tokyo. This is not to say that we can’t influence energy use on our roads; to the contrary. We just need to take a creative approach that keeps in mind those things that we have control over.

Check out this article I found : GE announces major European offshore wind expansion with a planned 340 million euro investment in manufacturing, engineering and service facilities in four countries. Pretty interesting stuff

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Green energy is the only way to put global warming to a stand still and I'm very encouraged to see many companies embracing this technology. My company has started a project of utilizing garbage to produce biomass to be used to run its operations and other core activities. If other companies take this technology and utilize resources available we can make the world better.
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I absolutely agree with you. The good news is that there are many immediate sources of renewable energy, ones that people have been using for years. People have long used water mills and wind mills to grind wheat or corn; solar energy to heat their homes or grow their food. Solar energy, wind energy, and water energy are just three of the super abundant energy producers that are being developed. Solar panels are available for homes and businesses, which can both heat and cool buildings, provide hot water, and electricity. Wind turbines capture wind energy that can be transformed into electricity. Water energy can be captured wherever there is moving water - rivers, streams, or tides. This too can be transformed into electricity, and hydroelectric power plants are common along the banks of big rivers world wide. Though solar panels and wind turbines have been around for a while, now technologies are being developed to make these readily available and affordable for the average consumer.


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The alternative energies resources fills the gap between non-realistic free energy and the traditional fossil fuels. The gadgets of alternative energies resources are also advancing day by day.

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