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Airplane crush
Something terrible happens in this world.
In the last time we are witnessing more and more plane crushes.
After recently an airplane crushed in a river from New York, on February 12, a small passenger plane with as many as 50 passengers on board has crashed into a home near Buffalo.
What is the reason for their fails? Is this the workers' negligence or simply coincidence? It's just that I don't remember this to happen so often in the past. What's wrong?
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Terry, probably the mass media didn't work so good in the past. Did you know that our chances of being involved in an aircraft accident are about 1 in 11 million?
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Some terrible pictures of plane crushes

[Image: N200WQ.jpg]

[Image: N990RA.jpg]

[Image: G-JETB.jpg]

Unfortunately bad news again today. A Turkish airline passenger jet crashed in Amsterdam. 9 dead and 50 injured.
Details here <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... air-crash/</a><!-- m -->

the pilot and witnesses say that the plane almost fell from the sky. Experts say this is an obvious sign that the engine stopped. Happily the plane didn't manege to take off high enough, that's why most passengers survived.

Two days ago, in Timishoara (Romania) a Moldovan plane had to make a forced landing. Several people were injured, no victims, happily. The pilots were awarded with the State Prize for courage.
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