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The Beijing Airport became the world's largest airport
the third terminal opened in the Beijing airport, it made it the largest airport. its bandwidth is 50 million passengers a year.

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Beijing prepares for the Olympic games, until they open it will carry on actions which may shock the whole world
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I don't know where did you take the info but look at this: 8-)
Dubai World Central International Airport, the airport will have an annual cargo capacity of 12 million tons, more than three times that of Memphis International Airport, today's largest cargo hub, and a passenger capacity of more than 120 million - almost 30% more than Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, currently the world's busiest passenger airport.

Designed for the future, Dubai World Central International Airport proposes to handle all next-generation aircraft, including the A380 super-jumbo. Up to four aircraft will be able to land simultaneously, 24 hours a day, minimising in-air queuing.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport held its ranking as the world's busiest airport in 2007, both in terms of passengers and number of flights, by accommodating 89.4 million passengers and 994,346 flights respectively.
this is the source:
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also watch this:
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From the article I understood that it has probably the largest airport terminal in the world... it doesn't make it the largest airport in the world since there are airports with more than 3 terminals.
It is, watch the youtube video.

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