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Memory records
A South African politician, Christian Smats, has learned by heart 5,000 books

A Japanese - Quidake Tomorey remembered and named 40,000 symbols following after the mathematical term P (which is infinite).

In 1967, Mehmed Ali Halisi learned by heart 6666 poems.

Valeryi Lavrinenko, remembers 100 signs in two minutes and 200 in three. He is able to name these signs in any different way.

Samuel Garybn, can remember 1000 dictated words, and can repeat these words in any of the 10 languages he knows.

The American Barbar Moore has made a concert at her piano which lasted from 25 October to 13 November.

Is your memory good? Main to too much... Smile

Anything is possible, Peter as most people only using approximately 10% of our brain...

To me, these people must have used over 10% of their brain for sure!

These a amazing results! How did they learn to remember so much?
I wish I could remember half as much Big Grin

It was scientifically proved that sweet products increase the brain's capacity of memorizing things. As for the above-mentioned people, I don't think it's possible that anybody can do the same, since this is talent, which is not possessed by ordinary people.
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My memory is not so good as those people's but I cannot complain. Interesting facts :
- We remember the information that is interesting to us
- We remember better sentences than words
- Words than letters
- Structured information than a chaotic one

It is great that they could memorize so much information but there was not told how much time it was needed for that. Some months or maybe years? Each one of us have capacity not just to memorize some information but another, we just should want that and nothing is impossible.

There is no reason to amaze. People from all around the world have different capacities, someone can broke a glass with its singing diapason, someone can swim very fast and here is another one who can memorize a lot of things. Each of us is special.

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