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You too might be a Phoenician
A very interesting article for those who clamor of being one ethnicity or another.

So I don't understand the point. What if we are Phoenicians? What does it change? It would be great if their genes would include a certain human trait that permanently lead to success, otherwise I see no point in being one of those 17 people.
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there is a big rush for people to get themselves tested in order to "prove" some kind of lineage or other (note the plethora of EU websites documenting the I, R1B1 and other European haplogroups). Plus all the speculation about Otzi's origins - hope you saw all the articles. My point is that all the folks claiming ancient European lineage, might just be ... well... Lebanese. :-)

Aha!!! Found the Euro website with all the Euro preoccupation with genetics and haplogroups.

And this is the site that documents the DNA tests on Oetzi and the fact that he has no descendants in Europe:

Did you know that gay activists thought that Oetzi was gay?
There were also some Nazi women that wanted to be impregnated with his semen because they thought he was a "clean" Euro. But that was before the evidence that his DNA lineage stopped. I guess they didn't want to be surprised. :lol: :lol:

Aeneas Wrote:A very interesting article for those who clamor of being one ethnicity or another.
Interesting article indeed.Although I don't see how the Bible could be used as a reference :lol:
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I liked the part about "How much of a Neanderthal are you ?". I found out I have no Neaderthal trait, which makes me feel good Confuseduper
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have you heard that DNA somehow may reveal one's surname? I read
here, read it
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