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Poker - sport? - Terry - 07-10-2008

Do you consider poker a sport? I don't know what to say, generally what do we call a sport?

Re: Poker - sport? - Benn - 07-12-2008

Sport definition: an individual or group activity pursued for exercise or pleasure, often involving the testing of physical capabilities and taking the form of a competitive game

Re: Poker - sport? - Terry - 07-15-2008

No sweating - not sport! This is what I think

Re: Poker - sport? - Steven - 07-16-2008

Poker is as interesting and famous as any other sports. Yes, it's a form of gambling, but this is not a reason for excluding it from the status of sport.

Re: Poker - sport? - Faw_Peter - 07-17-2008

Terry Wrote:No sweating - not sport! This is what I think
Actually poker gives much more emotions than any other sports. That's why emotions could make you lose weight easily! Smile

Re: Poker - sport? - Andrewz - 07-18-2008

I am confident poker is not a sport. Yes, sports involve a mental effort and strategy, but in this case, can we call management a sport? Of course no!

Re: Poker - sport? - Benn - 07-20-2008

Poker also bring money as well as management, but not as big as management. I mean can you win 500,000 euros in management in 2 days? I doubt

Re: Poker - sport? - Faw_Peter - 07-21-2008

I don't know if poker can be a sport, but you can see a lot of fat guys playing it, I can certainly not call them sportsmen.

Re: Poker - sport? - M.Helen - 07-22-2008

but there are a lot of fat sportsmen like in golf, snooker, chess etc. Do we have to exclude these "activities" from the ranges of sports?

Re: Poker - sport? - Terry - 07-25-2008

I would remove golf from this list. This is the stupidest "sport" I've ever seen. And I can't understand how people make money by this sport...

Re: Poker - sport? - Benn - 07-27-2008

If taking into consideration that a sport must improve your health state, then obviously poker does the vice-versa, it only worsens it. From this point of view it is not a sport.

Re: Poker - sport? - Steven - 07-28-2008

you can leave your opinion on <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
an entire site was created for this question!

Re: Poker - sport? - willyoumind - 07-31-2008

Well, it's depends whether it's an online or offline Poker...

When we're playing poker, at least we will need to take up the cards and moving our hands/fingers, and this only for the real life (offline) and not for the online poker...

Re: Poker - sport? - Benn - 07-31-2008

By online poker, you mean a poker game at computer? We also move our fingers there. ;-)

Re: Poker - sport? - M.Helen - 08-01-2008

oh come on guys, you're making sports out of the things which are opposite to sports! If so, then everything we do means sports for you?

Re: Poker - sport? - Benn - 08-03-2008

It's sporting endeavor, not an athletic competition. The performance of one person versus others determines whether he wins or loses.

Re: Poker - sport? - Terry - 08-06-2008

poker is a game, an ardour nothing else. Nevertheless, it might be a sport, but, I don't think that you could stretch your brain so much that it is called a sport. As for chess - it's definitely a sport, since your brain gives maximal efforts.

Re: Poker - sport? - Giovane - 08-31-2008

I don't know say smb before on not. But I think so: Is chess a sport ????? So, I think poker like a chess))) And if chess is sport but why poker can't be as sport game????))))

Re: Poker - sport? - Terry - 08-31-2008

tell me please, Giovane, what efforts do you put when playing poker?

Re: Poker - sport? - Giovane - 09-01-2008

Terry Wrote:tell me please, Giovane, what efforts do you put when playing poker?
When you begin to play to poker you should be a good psychologist ( to control youself and see on behaviour your opponent), then you should know mathematics, I mean above all theory of posibility. Because when you get first 2 cards you must esstimate your position, then also when "river' you shoul also esstimate your chances. But first of all, you shoul right chose your location on the table...
But I began to play recently, and I know only this basic rules. So mayber professional tell you more)))

Re: Poker - sport? - Faw_Peter - 09-01-2008

you're right Giovane. But, a card batch has only 52 cards, so everything you mentioned - estimating your chances etc. is not hard to do when you play that game everyday. It's all about experience.

Re: Poker - sport? - Giovane - 09-01-2008

Faw_Peter Wrote:you're right Giovane. But, a card batch has only 52 cards, so everything you mentioned - estimating your chances etc. is not hard to do when you play that game everyday. It's all about experience.
Yes, I'm absolutely agree with you. Also your sucsess depends on your opponent. More weak opponent always rise your chances and win...
P.S. Peter. sorry I didn't see that you had spoken 'bout chess)

Re: Poker - sport? - M.Helen - 09-01-2008

I watch the eurosport channel. There are periods (usually in the evening) when they show different world poker competition. I exclude poker from sports, but, eurosport doesn't. So, if it considers so, let it be...

Re: Poker - sport? - - 09-02-2008

I agree Giovane. But usually such competitions (that are broadcasted on eurosport) are organized between really experienced players. As a result all the stakes are equal.

Re: Poker - sport? - Terry - 09-04-2008

yes, we can't compare world class players and novices. However, novices can beat professionals if they are good actors and trick the others.