Muslim Rulers, Masses, Religious Leaders, Philosophers, Media And Nobles Require Divine Reforms--The Promised Solution.

Muslim Rulers, Masses, Religious Leaders, Philosophers, Media and Nobles Require Divine Reforms--The Promised Solution.

Postby HafizAzizRafiq » 20 Apr 2011, 17:41

Peace be upon everyone.

Muslim countries are facing inward and outward events like blasphemous books against Islam, hijab issues, religious terrorism, worst economic conditions, lack of progress in science and technology, suicidal attacks, public uprisings and bombing by Governments on their own masses, external interferences of various orders.

God has promised success for true believers. Thus, one can conclude that all above hinted problems spring from lack of righteousness and lack of fear of God in hearts.

1) Many (not all) of Muslim rulers are fully involved in materialistic pleasures. Their politics is not for welfare works and goodness of their people. They do not practice upon commandments of God. Their corrupt ministers etc paint rosy picture of the country for them. They do not offer five daily obligatory prayers. Infidelities of all kinds are being promoted in their cities. Such places are promised to be under God’s wrath. They do not promote language of Quran so that believers should find it easy to practice. Their enemies estimate their fall. In each field, they face defeat at the hands of non believers. Mention of all these weaknesses here is to seek attention toward real solution and is not for exciting people for anarchy.

2) Common Muslims know that rulers come from among themselves. Thus, condition of ruling class is related to condition of people. Their common-man societies are nurseries of so many vices. They are split and cannot be united without divine intervention from heaven. People must inform the weaknesses of the rulers to them. Help them in deeds of goodness; without being hypocrite. People should not ignore divine signs.

3) Is there any shortage of Muslim clergy who could oversee the state of morals in their countries? Surely not. Some of them are trying to do their job well. But many are not medicines but they add to the problem. They preach what that practice not. Their wisdoms are cloudy, tongues sharp, hearts hard, they tell people not to love material world but they seek it most. They can declare anyone an Angel or a Satan; they give name infidel to those who differ with their point of view; they abuse mosques; they like to be Imam by surpassing better ones; they support twisted beliefs of other obsolete religions; they resist divine remedy for reformation.

4) Is media and writers in Islamic world helping reforms? Again, there are handfuls of them who present true picture. Many are busy in taking sides. Similarly their philosophers and saint-looking people are not doing any good. They cannot analyze the problems of Islamic world.

5) External negative forces are in action too. Atheism and other decayed religions are attacking Muslim minds, hearts and bodies. They openly call names to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him)

6) All these problems are not been and cannot be taken care by clergy or any advisory body. This is well defined latter days era of thousand and so years. This era is promised one. The promised reforming guide, guided by God has come ( , and peaceful swordless reforms are under way in 198 countries since hundred and so years. This is the time of humble prayers and knowledge and to be united under one divinely provided umbrella. This is The Solution, as foretold by Allah and His blessed Holy Prophet and there is not any other solution.

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